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MB Truck eXplorer

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MB Truck eXplorer
MB Truck eXplorer MB Truck eXplorer

Product informatie

De meest krachtige tool om te werken met Mercedes trucks. Origineel met licentie!

MB Truck eXplorer – powerful tool for special operations on Mercedes Trucks Engine Control Unit (PLD). MBeX can program keys, read / write internal PLD memory EEPROMs and FLASH, calculate codes with algorithm compatible with X1,X2, X8, XT, XT by VeDoc (FDOK) X-functions, calculate DAS password for MR download.
MBeX consists from hardware communication interface VEI, cables, software MB Truck Explorer, licences for different modules. Licences include module activation, free software / firmware updates and support for chosen time period (1 year by default).

MB Truck eXplorer hardware is based on specially developed Vehicle Explorer Interface (VEI). This is a new generation in communication interfaces’ family. Fast, automotive orientated processor, big internal memory for data saving in real-time mode and unique system architecture make safe any operation and save your business time.
VEI has a standard PC communication interface – USB 2.0 and 1.1 compatible. Standard vehicle diagnostic plug SAE J1962 type B 24V (OBD-2). For old Mercedes Truck and Buses is used cable/adapter J1962B-MB14P.

MB Truck eXplorer compatible with following operation systems:
• Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional x86, Windows XP Professional 64bit
• Windows Vista x86, Windows Vista 64bit
• Windows 7 x86
• MBeX required Net Frame Work 4.0.30319

MB Truck eXplorer is orientated to working with MR module via diagnostic link or by direct MR module connection.

Memory Explorer – main function is detecting the type of internal read and write memory of MR module via diagnostic link or direct connection. Memory EERPOM, FLASH dump after successful reading saves data on PC memory in binary format (bin file). After that MR EEPROM and FLASH can be programmed be new dumps. This function useful for CHIPTIUNIG masters.
Attention!!! If FLASH memory is be written by damaged dump or during the Flash programming procedure is cancelled – MR module will be damaged and can not be used in future!!!

Keys learning - this function gives possibility to program keys to authorized keys list in MR memory by standard keys programming algorithm without any access code (VeDoc not needed) or limitations. Function supports adding keys to existing keys list (use it if you have all programmed keys and need to make one more), erasing existing keys list and programming up to 8 new keys (use it if MR module is from another vehicle or vehicle was stolen).

VeDoc calculator – is used for access code calculation X1 X2 X8 algorithms. X1 calculation type calculates code for one key adding to MR authorized keys list. X2calculation type erases all keys from MR authorized keys list and adds present (in ignition lock) key. X8 gives code for access MR download in DAS software.

FDOK calculator calculates access codes for AdBlue NOx Torque Limit set and SCR exhaust after treatment system fault codes erasing in DAS program.
XN calculation type – erasing emissions-relevant fault codes in actuations of SCR exhaust after treatment system. SCR exhaust after treatment system emissions-relevant fault codes erasing is available in DAS program by choosing MR module, Actuators tab.
XT calculation type – changing Limits of NOx Torque. Workshop master can change NOx torque limits or disable it. NOx Torque limits change function is available in DAS program by choosing FR module.

DAS password – choosing this tab in MB Truck eXplorer you can generate password code for access engineering function for e.g. MR download change EURO4-5 to EURO3.

Models coverage
Buses -  EvoBUS, CITO, CITARO.
and Yachts.

Years: 1996 – 2011

MBeX – MB Truck eXplorer
ECU – Engine Control Unit
PLD – Pumps Lines Jets (germ. Pumpe Leitung Duse)
MR – Engine control unit (germ. Motorregelung)
DAS – Diagnosis Assessment System
WIS – Workshop Infromation System
VeDoc – Vehicle Documentation
FDOK – Fahrzeug-Dokumentation (engl. Vehicle Documentation)
VEI – Vehicle Explorer Interface

Mercedes Benz, ACTROS, ATEGO, AXOR, Econic, EvoBUS, CITARO, CITO BluTec – trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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